First Responders

Being on the front lines of defense and serving a community is a difficult and heroic calling. Though many of our first responders do not lay claim to “hero” status we know that the work they do comes with challenges and stressors. Police and Fireman/EMTs have some of the highest divorce and suicide rates of any profession. PTSD And depression rates among this population are 5 times higher than the rates within the civilian population.

This data is staggering and has led to our staff being diligent about extending care to this population. There are many barriers that prevent first responders from seeking care. One of which is related to the culture in their workplace (firehouse or local police station). Many first responders seeking help are stigmatized and put down. In an industry that requires such strength and resilience, we feel it is highly valuable to stay ahead of the trauma, grief, and stress associated with this position.

Jay Ruderman, President of Ruderman Family Foundation says the following: “First responders are the heroes who run towards danger every day in order to save the lives of others. They are also human beings, and their work exerts a toll on their mental health. It is our obligation to support them in every way possible – to make sure that they feel welcome and able to access life-saving mental health care.”

Our hope is to offer just that! Life-saving mental health care in a warm and welcoming environment. Often times serving first responders we are asked the question, “Well won’t telling you my trauma, create trauma in you?” The simple answer is, “NO.” We have the training we need to be able to offer you the support and help that you require to stay healthy while protecting the citizens of this territory. We can help! Healing is possible.

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