Our goal is to help you move beyond the mistakes of yesterday, not to point out where you went wrong and re-visit the errors of your past.

We are excited to work with individuals and strive to provide a relaxed environment that puts our clients at ease to discuss any situation. We are non-judgmental, compassionate and motivated to help you find a solution that will move you past your current situation. Imagine living life without the stresses you are currently dealing with, and living a life that is full of joy, excitement, and satisfaction. Your goal is to work past the fear, anxiety, guilt and hopelessness that you were once content to live with, and create a new future full of courage, pride and hope.

Among the challenges we seek to resolve in therapy:

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Grief
• Anger Management
• Infidelity
• Occupational/Scholastic Stress

Awaken the dream within you and dare to live the life you have imagined!