Families are constantly changing.

Our goal with each family is to learn about their unique situation and strategize with them to create a foundation of stability that will last for generations. When working with families we like to think about how the choices that are being made today by parents and their children will directly affect the future generation of that family. Thinking critically about how to preserve the emotional well-being of each member within the family system and using psychoeducational approaches to counseling is just one way of ensuring that each generation is stronger than the one before it. With every chapter written the story of your family history becomes more exciting and purposeful than the last. Whether that change comes as a result of a divorce, a job loss, a new baby, a move or just the kind of change that time itself brings. At Little Love Counseling, we understand that there are unique challenges that come with each of these changes.

Amazing stories can be created from what might seem like hopeless histories.

How does Little Love Counseling help growing families?

A baby changes everything… Although they are a blessing, and their life itself creates hope for the future. A baby certainly changes everything of the family that once was. Whether you are a new family expecting your first baby or are expecting your 6th, we understand that babies change our lives. We work with our families to effectively communicate about their excitement and fears regarding this new blessing. Parents often come in seeking “pre-parenting” counseling prior to the arrival of their first born for just a few sessions to make sure they are on the same page about what this dynamic change will mean for their family. While we can’t anticipate all that is to come in marriage or in parenting, it is always better to be educated and prepared as to create the best start possible.

Families that are adding children to their family also seek out therapy to help with sibling adjustment and balance in the home while a new standard of living is set in the home. Sometimes parents find it difficult to find time to talk or connect as families grow, and at times roles and responsibilities have to be adjusted in order to create balance. We help by working with our families to find that stability again! Families are welcome to bring children into each session and work as a whole system (nurslings are always welcome).

How does Little Love Counseling help families in divorce transition?

Divorce is often difficult for the whole family. However, there are times when there is no other reasonable response. While we are advocates for keeping a family intact and working to restore relationships, there are times when clients need help planning, navigating, or healing from a divorce. We work with families to learn new ways of establishing non-confrontational communication, set boundaries, and create a new normal after divorce.

With children it is especially important to provide them with a sense of stability and familiarity as quickly as possible. We are able to collaborate to create the best possible outcome so that children exposed to divorce are emotionally protected and able to transition into their new lives well-adjusted. Special care is taken to diminish the impact of this change for the children involved.

How does Little Love Counseling help parents with parenting challenges?

Raising children is the most fulfilling job anyone could ever do, however, there are real challenges that come with this position. Many clients of Little Love Counseling are mothers who are exclusive CEOs of their household. They stay home and diligently teach, train, and discipline their children.

Some unique qualities of this position:

• There is no start/end time
• There is no manager on duty if the clients become unruly
• There are times when crazy doesn’t accurately describe the feeling of this CEO.

So how can we help you?

We work with parents and children to establish effective communication in the home. One of the first steps in our process is to identify the role (function within the system) of each member of the family. After which we work to increase positive communication, develop the self-esteem of the child(ren) and parent(s) and empower them within their current position in the family. We then work to balance the family system as a whole in order to reduce conflict within the home and increase stability and balance.

Life is constantly evolving. Change is inevitable. Take control.
Create change, don’t let change create you!