Feeling Disconnected?
Is your relationship lacking the passion and fire that it used to have?
Can you remember a time when it was
you and your partner against the world?

Perhaps life has caused you to take divergent paths and now you are reaching for your partner and things feel uncertain, or even hopeless.

Whether it is couples therapy for unmarried couples, pre-marital counseling, marriage counseling or divorce mediation, at Little Love Counseling, we are dedicated to working with our couples to find a new beginning. It is not about getting back to what you used to have, rather it is about creating something new, something bright and full of passion. We will learn from what used to work well in your relationship and use those assets to build the relationship of your dreams on a strong foundation of hope!

Let go of the past and look forward with hope to a new vision for the future. Learn how to begin to open up to one another and communicate authentically about your thoughts, feelings, and fears. Create a relationship that is full of passion and excitement. Don’t let the failures of yesterday prevent you from experiencing the joys of today.

If it seems impossible for love to burn in your heart again… remember this:
the smallest ember can start a raging fire.

Divorce Mediation

Although we advocate for successful marriages and whole-heartedly want our couples to succeed and stay together, we know that there are times when that is not possible. Should separation or divorce be the route that you choose, please know that we are able to help navigate this territory as well. We are happy to work with both partners and as you learn positive ways of communicating while determining custody arrangements for your children, division of your household, etc.

We are well connected to divorce attorney’s in the area and would be happy to refer you to these professionals as well, as needed. Remember, that even if divorce is the option that you have chosen, there is still hope in the midst of this storm. The devastation you are feeling will subside.

Your life can be rebuilt and be better than you ever believed possible.