Children & Adolescents

At Little Love Counseling, we love working with children!

Typically, children over the age of 5 are welcome to come in for their own sessions while children under 5 can come in and work with their parents or families. Children of any age are always welcome in our office! Most often, parents seek out therapy for their children when they are trying to navigate a challenging season of child development. We offer solutions for children who are experiencing: high energy (ADD/ADHD), impulse control, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, grief, and loss etc. We work with our youngest clients psycho-educationally and through engaging in therapeutic play.

Because we know that children relate better actively (by doing) rather than communicatively (by talking), we think outside the box when working with them. Some children respond better to therapy if we move outside the office and take a stroll down the sidewalk. Other children prefer the windows open, music on, playing a game or having something keeping their hands occupied. Our goal is to create an environment that your child feels comfortable in so that they are able to talk about their world, from their own perspective, free from judgment, and rooted in compassion and hope.

Do not settle, do not feel the need to compromise. If you and your child are not connecting well and you feel as a parent that you have failed, you have run out of answers, or you are just lost… then give us a call. There is hope beyond the unrest that today brings. There is a solution. Perhaps you cannot see it today, but that does not mean that you have failed!

If you have a specific question about how we might be able to work with your child(ren) please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer free telephone consultations and would love to hear about how we could best serve you and your children.

Never give up on your children… they are your legacy & they carry with them hope for the future.